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Anna Corbett on The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

7 March 2024

Ryan Corbett, a husband, father, and humanitarian, has been held without charge by the Taliban in Afghanistan since August 10, 2022. Ryan is held in a basement cell without regular access to a bathroom, sunlight, or medical care. Westerners released from the prison where Ryan is being held report that he is in deteriorating health. Ryan’s family has been fighting for his release in silence, but decided to go public because of fears for his life. It’s time to bring this American citizen, who has been designated by the U.S. Secretary of State as Wrongfully Detained, home. 

Ryan & Anna Corbett

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Ryan Corbett has been wrongfully detained since August 10, 2022. He turned 40 in a small basement cell in Afghanistan in deplorable and inhumane conditions.

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We receive very little verified information. The Taliban has allowed only two in-person visits, and phone calls with family and government officials are rare. Keep up with what we do know here.

Corbett Family

Ready to Do Something?

At this time, the best way to help Ryan is to remind the U.S. government of its commitment to Ryan, respectfully and often, and to share Ryan's story with your friends and family. Learn more about how you can do that.


Ryan's wife, Anna Corbett, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, pleading for the U.S. to secure his release. She bravely shared her husband's story and told lawmakers about Ryan's deteriorating health and the conditions in which he is being held. 


Ryan's wife, Anna Corbett, spoke with Margaret Brennan from CBS


Ryan's Wife, Anna Corbett, spoke with Andrea Mitchel from MSNBC

TAKE ACTION by contacting your Congressional Representatives and the White House to tell them about your concern for Ryan.

"He is told by his captors that he is forgotten and that his country doesn’t care about him. And why wouldn’t he believe it, when other westerners have come and gone so much faster than he? The impact on his mental health is unspeakable."

-Anna Corbett, Ryan's wife

"The Taliban is wrong. America has not forgotten about Ryan. America will never forget about Ryan."

-Ranking Member Gregory Meeks

"We will do everything in our power to bring your husband home...I don't give up, I fight hard, and I'm going to fight hard for your husband."

-Chairman Michael McCaul

Ryan's last call with family

May 2024

Ryan has been allowed only six phone calls totaling 59 minutes over 21 months.

U.S. Government last contact with Ryan

November 2023

Ryan's last phone call with U.S. Consular Affairs that lasted just three minutes.

Last seen by a

third party official

December 2023

Ryan was visited by a Qatari delegation in January 2023, resulting in a single photograph. A  second visit occurred in December 2023, resulting in a second photograph and short video.

While our number one priority is to secure Ryan's release, the effort to establish routine health and safety visits by a third party and regular phone calls with his family is vital. 


Servants International has volunteered to receive tax deductible donations that will be used to support the Corbett Family & their efforts to bring Ryan home. Please consider donating and sharing this effort with your friends.

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