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Louisville family 'panicking' after receiving phone call from husband, father being held by the Taliban

Christie Battista, Mar 27, 2024

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's been 594 days since a man with ties to Louisville was wrongfully detained by the Taliban. And just this week, his wife and kids received a terrifying phone call from him, increasing their fears.

Ryan Corbett hasn't seen his family in nearly 20 months. His kids are missing their dad.

"This is really tough for them,' his wife, Anna, said. "They love their dad. He's always been incredible, very involved with them, and it's tough for them to see him declining and to be scared that he's not coming home."

Corbett moved to Afghanistan with his wife Anna and their kids in 2010, starting a company to help Afghans start their own small businesses. After rebuilding their lives and spending years there, Kabul fell to the Taliban. A worldwide story in 2021, the Corbetts had to flee the country with thousands of others.

Not wanting to leave the people he's helped behind, Corbett went back, and his visa was approved the following year. It was on a trip in August 2022 that he was kidnapped by the Taliban.


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