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Americans who won’t be home for the holidays

It’s been a month since NatSec Daily wrote about ANNA CORBETT, the wife of RYAN CORBETT, whom the U.S. says was wrongfully detained during his second trip to Afghanistan since he and his family were evacuated amid the Taliban takeover in 2021.

Since then, Anna has spoken on the phone with Secretary of State ANTONY BLINKEN, visited the White House and received a phone call from her husband in captivity — the first since May, she told us this week. But she still hasn’t talked to President JOE BIDEN about her husband.

“More can be done to bring Ryan home, especially in light of his … deteriorating health and not having been visited for almost a year,” she said. “Those things are just extremely concerning. And I hope the administration is taking that really seriously.”

Christmas Eve will mark 500 days since his detainment, the second holiday season Anna and their three kids won’t see Ryan.

“We have some really tough days ahead here,” she said. “I really would love to hear something tangible and something concrete to encourage the kids and I that progress is happening.”


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