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Sixteen months after wrongful imprisonment, lawmakers, State Department work to free American from Afghanistan

As the holiday season approaches, Anna Corbett is hanging a stocking for her husband, Ryan. He won’t be home, though. He’s spending Christmas in a frigid jail cell under the watchful eye of the Taliban.

Nearly 16 months after the Taliban detained the 40-year-old U.S. aid worker and father of three in Afghanistan, Anna says she constantly worries that her husband’s health will suffer as he passes the winter imprisoned in Kabul.

“He’s getting poor nutrition and a lack of sunlight. He only gets 15 or 20 minutes [of sunlight] a month,” Anna said, adding that she has spoken to Westerners who were previously held with her husband about the conditions in the jail and Ryan’s welfare. “They reported fainting, dizziness, discolored extremities from poor circulation, ringing in his ears, vision deteriorating.


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